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Digital Content Creation

We create and distribute useful content across the web in categories that span Lifestyle, Sports and Music. This content ranges from SEO articles to blogs & videos to voice-overs.


We create, design, manage, and execute fully customized digital media products, services, and marketing campaigns to help clients meet strategic goals.


We don’t want to create good brands we want to help create GREAT BRANDS that inspires, as well as attracts new groups of consumers.

Sound Design

What is the sound of your Brand? We work alongside agencies, film makers, producers, writers, musicians, and artists to create a feeling which consumers can identify, and connect emotionally to your brand.

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About the Company

Turning ideas into beautiful experiences

Who We Are

"We are Problem Solvers * Strategic Thinkers * And Creative Minds – We build brands from the ground up through seamless, effective and innovative marketing solutions with measurable results."

Kyrite is a New York City based brand marketing and creative agency. We create, design, manage, and execute fully customized digital media products, services, and marketing campaigns to help clients meet strategic goals. We will help define your audience and provide the valuable information they seek in the desired format. We will help you create or tweak website content and business documentation that will position your brand for current and new customers online and offline.

Kyrite is a division of JDM Marketing & Promotions LLC., An independent marketing, talent management and digital media publishing company. JDM offers a comprehensive set of services to help brands and businesses reach more customers and grow their presence across the web, mobile and beyond. Kyrite is the in-house marketing and creative agency that supports all of JDM Marketing & Promotions LLC’s owned and operated properties.

What We Do

At Kyrite, we pride ourselves in what we do. Our team is driven by the desire to create everything with brilliant imagination, to engage people to connect with brands through music and unique cultural experiences. We cater to our clients’ specific needs and deliver precisely to establish their brand consistency.

  • Marketing95%

  • Branding 95%

  • Creative90%

  • Digital90%


We at Kyrite created a culture where everyone continuously assesses themselves and the organization. With this knowledge, we identify our successes and failures, looking for ways to improve the process and perform better the next time. Actively managing knowledge helps Kyrite embrace cultural change and encourage ideas and insight, which leads to creativity and innovation.
Kyrite is passionate about creating memorable and exciting cultural experiences. We are committed to and view ourselves as partners with our clients, our employees, our community and our environment. Our mission is to motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal fulfillment and to inspire moments of happiness, passion and pleasure.
One cannot manage change, one can only be ahead of it. -Peter Drucker
We at Kyrite aim to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to adopting new technology and new ideas in an ongoing effort to keep ourselves and our clients current and relevant.

Music Branding

Marketing Strategy

Kyrite utilizes traditional methods, modern digital outlets, and strategic campaigns to effectively introduce your music identity into the market place.


We create custom, interactive content for targeted super-fans of music, movies, sports, events, and brands We work collaboratively with each client to build a product line that not only connects them to their fans but facilitates the expansion of their fan base.


At Kyrite, we are passionate about creating entertaining and compelling content. Viewers want to watch interesting people doing interesting things, or have exclusive access into special worlds where viewers take away an amazing experience.

Meet Our Team

Connor Gibson

Interface Designer

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Nikolas Brooten

Web Developer

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Barclay Widerski


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